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Terms and Conditions

1. Contract liability

CIAH Laboratory starts the activities based on a written application by a client. Each job, started via received and reviewed application, is considered a contract with a client. Regulations of these Terms of Service are a part of contract liability between CIAH Laboratory and a client and are obligatory for both sides, except when contract liability is defined by a special written contract with a client. Client consents to these Terms of Service via acceptance of an offer or a price-list of the CIAH Laboratory.

2. Activity range

CIAH Laboratory bases its testing and inspection activities on accreditation for testing laboratory (Accreditation No. 01-010), accreditation for inspection body (Accreditation No. 06-029), authorizations or other regulations concerning the service in question. CIAH Laboratory is responsible for services entrusted to it by law, offer or contract.

3. Information confidentiality

For each service provided, there is a complete confidentiality cover, if not agreed otherwise with a consumer. CIAH Laboratory is legally accountable for management of information received or arisen during the activities of testing and/or inspection for the client, because, apart from other, this document, too, is legally binding as a basis for professional relationship conclusion via application, offer or contract. Furthermore, client information received from other sources are treated as confidential information.

The following information from CIAH Laboratory services are considered confidential or property and will not be released to a third party without the appropriate application and approval of a client:

When CIAH Laboratory is obliged by law or certification resulting from contract liability to release confidential information, clients will be alerted about given information, except when it is not permitted by regulations. Apart from clients, owners/users of test/inspection subjects, test/inspection results are available to Accreditation Body of Serbia (according to the Contract on accreditation signed with CIAH Laboratory), Road Traffic Safety Agency (according to resolution), The Department for the Transport of Dangerous Goods of The Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure (according to Resolution), as well as juridical and other authorities.

4. Liability for the quality of service

CIAH Laboratory is obligated to comply with the rules of profession and obligations about the quality of service throughout providing the activities as per contract. For the duration of providing the activities of testing/inspection, CIAH Laboratory is responsible for consumer’s property. After the provision of service, CIAH Laboratory is not responsible for the damage on testing/inspection subject.

5. Access to testing/inspection cases

The client is obliged to ensure unobstructed access to subjects being tested/inspected.

6. Test results conformity

For testing methods for which the test result compatibility is issued based on specifications/standards/regulations, CIAH Laboratory uses the right of decision-making as per specification/standard/regulation concerned. These Terms of Service imply client’s acceptance of terms of decision-making of CIAH Laboratory as demonstrated during application submission.

7. Service deadlines

Services are provided in deadlines as given in contracts/offers or as agreed.

8. Appeals and complaints

CIAH Laboratory has a determined process of addressing appeals and complaints. Upon client’s request, this process can be accessed.

9. Final regulations

Contracted sides are obligated to address each possible conflict as agreed. In case this is not possible, court of law in Belgrade is responsible.

Terms of Service of CIAH Laboratory are valid from April 15, 2019.

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